The Peruvian kitchen: fashion came?

The Peruvian kitchen fashion came

The Peruvian kitchen
A few years ago in the journal “Restoranai” it was assumed that in place of the Italian and Japanese — at that time the most popular cuisines — will come quite unexpected cuisine is Peru. Indeed, Peruvian cuisine is gaining momentum all over the world, in Moscow works about ten restaurants Peruvian cuisine, and in St. Petersburg on the eve of new year holidays, from 30 November to 13 December, the in AZIA restaurant spends “weeks Chifa” cuisine of Chinese immigrants from Canton province in Peru. It is a fusion of Creole, Peruvian native and Chinese traditions, which gives the chief a unique and amazing taste. To cook be the chef Hernan castañeda from Peru Belmond Miraflores Park in Lima. The history of the Chifa goes back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when in Peru in large numbers began arriving Chinese immigrants. Traditional Peruvian cuisine is very different from the usual. In addition, it was very difficult to find and the products needed to prepare your favorite dishes. Then, Chinese immigrants established the Chinese import of seeds and began to grow vegetables and fruit. Mixing your grown and local Peruvian food, Chinese housewife improvised, gradually, I made the Peruvian-Chinese cuisine, which eventually became very popular not only among immigrants but also among the locals. Traditional Peruvian chicken or Alpaca meat was pripravljeni ginger, soy sauce and Welsh onion. In the end they had bitter-sweet variety of flavors, and were delighted Peruvians. With the development of tourism the interest in chief only intensified.
One of the key dishes of Chifa fried rice, previously boiled steamed, and then fried in a pot with a thick bottom and seasoned with garlic, onion, Chile, curry and soy sauce instead of salt. And it is the basis of many dishes by adding vegetables, meat, fish, seafood.
The second dish, without which it is impossible to imagine modern Chefoo, the wantons, or Chinese dumplings. In chief’s wanton prepare with peach juice, quail eggs, pineapple, onions and other vegetables. Served in restaurants Chifa and some sort of Peking duck. For this, duck and sometimes chicken, cut into fairly large pieces. Their fried together with onions-the Welsh, garlic, soy sauce and sugar.
The Peruvian kitchen fashion came
Menu weeks Chifa: tortilla blue corn from the hopi with roasted duck, tender beef ribs in char sui sauce, hot and sour soup with Peruvian yellow chilli pepper and lime, fried quinoa with vegetables, ravioli with mushrooms and shrimp.