The Peruvian kitchen: fashion came?

The Peruvian kitchen fashion came

A few years ago in the journal “Restoranai” it was assumed that in place of the Italian and Japanese — at that time the most popular cuisines — will come quite unexpected cuisine is Peru. Indeed, Peruvian cuisine is gaining momentum all over the world, in Moscow works about ten restaurants Peruvian cuisine, and in […]

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In “Lancet Pintxos” will be attended by 68 restaurants

In Lancet Pintxos will be attended by 68 restaurants

Today in the Spanish city of Reus “started” an interesting gastronomic event “Lancet Pintxos”. The event, during which you can try the world-famous tapas, will last until November 15. In a kind of festival for gourmets and food lovers will attend 68 restaurants. They will present to the court demanding public their “aperitifs”. It is […]

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